Saturday, 21 July 2018

This Week's Updates in Slackware Current

Here's a list of the latest updates over the course of the week, notably the gstreamer plugins have been upgraded and the kernel is now at 4.14.56 to ensure you're always running the latest in the LTS line that Slackware is using.
Also, on 17th July it was 25 years since the Slackware 1.0 release although apparently there's some dispute or uncertainty whether it was really the 16th August. Anyway, enjoy!

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Whatever Happened to Unity Linux and TinyMe?

As this blog turns eight years old I was reminiscing back to the first few articles and reviews. Initially this was started to only post reviews I for whatever reason couldn't publish on other web sites or if the wait would have been too long as you gotta get them out fresh. Back in the day as an ex-Mandrake/Mandriva user TinyMe and Unity Linux had caught my eye and seemed promising projects although it was clear they were a bit light on manpower.

Monday, 16 July 2018

The LiveSlak Project: Running Slackware-Current Live Images With or Without Persistence and Installing Them

Eric Hameleers has unofficially contributed to Slackware for what feels like forever. He not only runs his blog Alien Pastures dedicated to Slackware and offers a huge selection of packages pre-compiled on his vanilla systems, readily available for our perusal. He also offers the Ktown repository with updated packages of KDE4 and the next generation Plasma desktop for both the stable and testing branches of Slackware. He also started the Slackware Live project based on his own LiveSlak scripts to give people an opportunity to run Slackware current without

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Last Week's Updates and Upgrades in the Slackware Current Testing Tree

Here we are again, a recap of the week's updates to the testing branch. Every week a new kernel it seems, this is now at 4.14.55. Apart from that a slew of upgrades again like the kernel firmware package and Pulseaudio. Also binutils have been upgraded to 2.31. This is all for the x86_64 architecture which I am tracking but 32-bit is usually identical.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Last Week's Slackware Current Updates in Review

Last week was a bit quieter than what we have gotten used to. From a user perspective the most interesting upgrades are probably Thunderbird 52.9.0 and MariaDB to 10.3.8. A slight incremental change of the kernel version to 4.14.53. If you're running the current branch this should be of interest. Happy slacking.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Housekeeping: References to Debian Resources to be Dropped

Debian GNU/Linux is a great OS/ Linux distribution and with the kFreeBSD kernel even an attempt at providing a BSD variant. I have been running all their releases since Sarge on and off, mostly on, for most of the last 13 years since using Linux exclusively in one shape or another but usually vanilla on at least one desktop machine and am currently still running it on a VPS - and antiX on the laptop. Nonetheless, the move to systemd and the controversy around adopting it was a watershed moment and together with the fact that GNOME Shell became the default desktop meant I lost interest in the project.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

This Week's Changes in Slackware Current and 14.2 Changelogs

The change log in Slackware-current continues to be busy, with rebuilds, fixes and upgrades coming out almost on a daily basis. All this activity bodes well both for an up to date but still stable system if you're running current and for a new release being not too far off any more this year.  Vim and Networkmanager have been upgraded and the kernel is now at 4.14.52, with the necessary sources, kernel-headers and modules packages of course available as well. Mozilla Firefox has now switched to 60.1.0 ESR, indicating this will be in the next stable release.

Putting the Fun Back into Cyber Warfare

Sometimes it is good to read publications outside the usual IT & Technology realm that we often tend to focus on. In the issue of the NewStatesman for the week 4th to 10th May PhD candidate at the Royal Holloway, University of London, Andreas Haggman introduces the reader in his article "Why so serious? Introducing a fun take on cyber war" to a new kind of digital war gaming he has come up with to enhance and improve understanding around cyber warfare and how it is conducted, raising awareness and getting people not usually involved with the subject to think about the many dimensions and fronts that cyber war can be affecting.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

EXTERNAL: 8 reasons to use the Xfce Linux desktop environment

A good overview and appreciation of the Xfce desktop on I've been using Xfce on and off for long stretches of time since 2005 and have to say it's my preferred desktop environment. Well, we also have MATE and it provides even more options but that may not always be wanted or necessary. It depends on which style you prefer. Under the hood, once you get into it, Xfce is very powerful too. Link:


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